Harrogate Open Art Exhibition 2nd - 4th August 2019 - Seni Rupa dan Sejarah

Harrogate Open Art Exhibition 2nd - 4th August 2019

Why Wesley Chapel?
British Art Exhibitions chose the Wesley Chapel due to its rich heritage, an incredible exhibition space with great light. Yorkshire is a rich ground for artists and art lovers our fabulous location right in centre of this historical town just a stone's throw from the renowned 'Bettys Café Tea Rooms'. The Wesley Chapel a prestigious venue, fantastic for new and emerging artists, professional artists, art lovers and collectors.

The building, a large Neo-Classical chapel, which was designed and built by Lockwood & Mawson in 1862 for a prosperous Victorian Methodist community. It is now a Grade II listed church building and a dominant landmark in the town. 

Harrogate is a town in North Yorkshire, England, east of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Its heritage as a fashionable spa resort continues in the Montpellier Quarter with the Royal Pump Room Museum, documenting the importance of local mineral springs. Nearby is the restored, Moorish-style Turkish Baths & Health Spa. To the west, leafy Valley Gardens features the art deco Sun Pavilion.

About The Wesley Chapel/Centre
With its central Harrogate location, The Wesley Centre is being developed as a place that's open to town centre communities every day of the week and is recognised as a friendly place of welcome, acceptance, support and refreshment. The Wesley Centre is part of Harrogate life and a space for people to meet and connect.

Guide to Harrogate Exhibitors
Each venue has some differences
Please take time to read these guides.

Whilst we try to make the exhibiting of work as simple as possible, each venue we operate from has unique challenges. This means there may be some slight differences to the way work is mounted and displayed.

Your Profile
Up to five weeks before the exhibitions you will receive an email with a link to your profile, which can be filled out online (artists who complete this will also get a free listing on our artists page). This will be used to print: work labels, name details etc. If the profile is incomplete or completed incorrectly we will not be able to print your details. In such a case labels will be provided on the day of the exhibition, it will be the artists responsibility to complete these and place them by their work.

Display Panels
Our standard display size is 4ft x 8ft (120cm x 240cm).
(The panels may be free standing or wall mounted depending on the venue, some venues work may be mounted directly onto the walls.)

Paintings should be appropriately framed; canvases may be unframed where edge condition is good. We cannot take responsibility for incorrect framing methods and inexpensive frames or damaged frames which will not hang or be safe.

We have a variety of hanging techniques depending on the frame type and size. Works must be ready to hang via one of the appropriate methods below unless otherwise stated (We strongly advise against using hanging strips as we have had failures with these).

​We can accommodate:
Traditional strung with cable or cord
Mirror brackets/plates
​Screws will be provided.
Screwdrivers and drills etc are available, although these are limited when busy. 

Prints, books and cards etc. May be sold at the venues direct or via order. When signing in please notify us of the number of prints books and cards etc. Artists must supply their own rack for print, books and cards etc.

Drop-off & pickup
Artworks to be delivered on 2nd August from 10.00am to 11.30 All work must be hung before 3.30pm. Artists’ works must be signed in before their work can be hung. Unsold works to be picked up strictly between 5.15 and 6.15.pm on the 4th August. All artists must sign out any unsold works prior to leaving the Exhibition. 

All works must be clearly marked on the back or base with the following details:
Artists Name
Phone Number
Artwork Price (artworks with no price on the back will not be sold)

Any artworks not collected will be stored for collection by the artist. If we must deliver uncollected works back to the artist, a £20 fee per artwork is applicable.

Set up is by the artist in their designated area. This area will be clearly marked and our team will assist where required with the set-up.

The Jubilee car park is available at the rear of the Storey on Cheltenham Road.

Attending or not
Artists where possible are asked to attend the exhibition preview. However, we leave it to them as to whether to attend the exhibition full or part time; for those artists not able to attend the exhibition we provide attendants who act on their behalf, selling their work and/or prints if available.

Sales may be made direct to the artist; however, we do have a card reader for those wishing to use it (these payments can take 6 working days to process and a small fee is taken by our card machine provider. British Art Exhibitions do not charge for this service). All sold works must be reported so we can account prior to collection. When a piece is sold during an exhibition, we ask that it remain at the show until the end of the event. 

We do not take commissions for work or prints, books and cards that are sold.